is a pianist and freelance musician based in Portland. Recordings of his performances can be found on his other website, on Youtube, and on Soundcloud. For more information, please contact Stephen at chopinois@gmail.com or (413) 695-8871.


  • Piano lessons individually and flexibly tailored to any student’s need, from late beginners to advanced students
  • Accompaniment for recitals, juries, rehearsals, lessons, auditions, recording sessions, and in any other context
  • Service music at church services, weddings, funerals, or other special occasions
  • Light classical and show tunes for parties and business gatherings
  • Arrangements, transcriptions, or transpositions of works for any ensemble or occasion
  • Professional, publication-ready music engraving and transcription
  • Conductor or music director for choirs and other ensembles

“Steve is a fantastic sight-reader and can play anything, even pieces in the contemporary repertoire. He’s reliable and a good sport, and a real pleasure to work with.” – Jennifer Lien, soprano

“Your calm, intellectual demeanor invited a deeper connection to the music.  Decisions did not just stay at the surface: whether to take time, how to be together…  rather, a larger architecture for each piece was sought and musical elements were built to make sense of the frame.  It made for rewarding and exciting results!” Alice Teyssier, flutist and soprano

“Steve Lewis plays with the utmost musical expression and thoughtfulness. Performing and working with Steve has always been rewarding and fun. Most of all he is humble about his talent, easy to work with, and extremely dependable.” – Michael Rounds, undergraduate trumpet student

“Stephen Lewis was an accompanist and Assistant Conductor for my festival Shaker Mountain Opera in Pittsfield, Mass. from 2001 – 2003.  When he started with us he was 19 and did exemplary work.  As a matter of fact, Stephen was the only staff person that I never had to think about.  He was in charge, and did his work.  And his work was beautifully done.  As a colleague he was admired and liked by everyone.  So, yes, I can give Stephen Lewis an unqualified recommendation. … He would be a great addition to any musical organization.” Denes Striny, tenor, teacher, and conductor

“It was great to work with you for my DMA audition at UW. You were very knowledgeable about the repertoire, and when tempi differed, you were quick to adjust to my tempo.  We were able to work together to solidify our tempo together. Your eased and calm nature was refreshing heading into my audition.” – Kara Lambert, soprano